Mariya is a female personal name of Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian or Indian origin, a variation of

Mariya is a female personal name of Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian or Indian origin, a variation of "Maria". It may refer to:Mariya Abakumova is a Russian Olympic javelin thrower Mariya Alëkhina is a Russian political activist Mariya Babanova (1900–1983) was a Soviet film actress Mariya Baklakova is a Russian Olympic swimmer Mariya Bayda (1922–2002) was a World War II scout in the Crimea Mariya Bespalova is a Russian Olympic hammer thrower Mariya Bochkareva (1889–1920) was a Russian woman who formed the Women's Battalion of Death during World War I Mariya Bolikova is a Russian sprinter who has competed in international championships Mariya Borovichenko (1925–1943) was a decorated Ukrainian medical officer of Soviet 32nd Guards Artillery Regiment Mariya Bugakova is an Uzbekistani Olympic swimmer specializing in butterfly and sprint freestyle events Mariya Butyrskaya is a Russian Olympic figure skater who has won multiple international championships Mariya Dashkina Maddux, Ukrainian dancer Mariya Dimitrova is a Bulgarian triple jumper who has competed in several international championships Mariya Dolina (1922–2010) was a decorated Soviet pilot and dive-bomber squadron commander Mariya Fadeyeva a Russian Olympic rower Mariya Filatova is a retired Soviet Olympic gymnast Mariya Gabriel is a Bulgarian politician, elected Member of the European Parliament in 2009 Mariya Golubnichaya is a former Soviet Olympic hurdler Mariya Grabovetskaya is a Kazakhstani Olympic weightlifter Mariya Grinberg (1908–1978) was a Ukrainian pianist and teacher and Distinguished Artist of the Russian Soviet Federation Mariya Gromova is a Russian Olympic synchronized swimmer Mariya Grozdeva is a Bulgarian Olympic sport shooter concentrating on air pistol Mariya Gusakova is a former Soviet Olympic cross-country skier Mariya Havrysh is a retired Ukrainian Olympic swimmer Mariya Horokhovska (1921–2001) was a Russian-born Soviet Olympic gymnast of Jewish descent Mariya Ilinichna Miloslavskaya (1625–1669) was a wife of Russian tsar Alexis and the mother of tsars Feodor III and Ivan V Mariya Ise is a Japanese voice actress, popularly known as Killua Zoldyck in Hunter × Hunter Mariya Karashka is a Bulgarian former Olympic artistic gymnast Mariya Kartalova is also a Bulgarian former Olympic artistic gymnast Mariya Kichukova is a Bulgarian Olympic sprint canoer who competed in the early 1990s Mariya Kiselyova is a Russian Olympic gold-medal swimmer and TV show presenter Mariya Klenova (1898–1976) was a Russian/Soviet marine geologist and a founder of Russian marine science Mariya Kocheva is a Bulgarian retired Olympic backstroke swimmer Mariya Konovalova is a Russian long-distance runner and European Cross Country silver-medalist Mariya Koroleva is an American synchronized swimmer and Pan American silver-medalist dueting with Mary Killman Mariya Koroteyeva is a Russian Olympic hurdler who specializes in 100-metre Mariya Koryttseva is a Ukrainian tennis player who achieved No. 50 world ranking for women Mariya Kozhevnikova is a Russian actress and politician Mariya Krasiltseva is an Armenian former Olympic pair skater Mariya Krivopolenova (1843–1924) was a Russian folklore performer and storyteller Mariya Kuchina is a Russian Youth-Olympics high-jump gold-medalist Mariya Kuznetsova was a famous 20th-century Russian Empire and Soviet opera singer and dancer Mariya Itkina is a former Soviet Olympic runner and world-record holder Mariya Litoshenko is a former Soviet/Ukrainian Olympic team gold-medalist handball player Mariya Liver is a Ukrainian Olympic swimmer Mariya Mazina is a Russian gold-medalist team women's épée fencer Mariya Melentyeva, Hero of the Soviet Union Mariya Mincheva is a Bulgarian Olympic gold-medalist sprint canoer Mariya Mironova is a Russian actress Mariya Muzychuk is a Ukrainian international-master chess player Mariya Netesova is a Russian Olympic gold-medalist rhythmic Mariya Ocher is a Russian singer-songwriter, poet, director and visual artist Mariya Ohurtsova is a Ukrainian retired Olympic swimmer Mariya Oktyabrskaya (1905–1944) was a decorated Soviet tank driver during World War II Mariya Onolbayeva is a Russian Olympic ice-hockey player Mariya Ovechkina is a beauty-contest contestant and Miss Irkutsk 2009 Mariya Panfilova is a Russian biathlete who represents Ukraine Mariya Payun is a Soviet Olympic gold-medalist rower Mariya Petkova is a Bulgarian retired Olympic silver-medalist discus thrower Mariya Petrovykh (1908—1979) was a Russian poet and translator Mariya Pinigina is a retired Soviet athlete and Olympic team gold-medalist in 4x400-metre relay Mariya Pisareva is a retired Soviet Olympic silver-medalist high-jumper Mariya Ralcheva is a Ukrainian 2003 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships silver-medalist Mariya Rudnitskaya (1916–1983) was a Russian Soviet realist painter, graphic artist, and art teacher Mariya Ryemyen is a Ukrainian sprint athlete and European Athletics 4×100m team gold-medalist Mariya Sarapova is a Russian tennis player who has been ranked world No. 5 Mariya Savinova is a Russian Olympic gold-medalist in 800-metre Mariya Shcherba is a Belorussian Olympic swimmer Mariya Shcherbina is a Ukrainian mathematician Mariya Shekerova is an Uzbekistani Olympic judoka Mariya Shorets is a Russian professional triathlete Mariya Shubina is a Soviet Olympic gold-medalist sprint canoer Mariya Sidorova is a Russian team handball player and 2007 World Women's Handball Championship gold-medalist Mariya Smolyachkova is a Belarusian Olympic hammer thrower Mariya Sokova is an Uzbekistani triple jumper and 2002 Asian Championships silver-medalist Mariya Stadnik is an Azerbaijani wrestler of Ukrainian descent and European and World Championship gold-medalist Mariya Stoyanova is a Bulgarian former basketball player and Olympic bronze-medalist Mariya Suzuki is a Japanese singer, actress, and member of idol girl groups AKB48 and SNH48 Mariya Svistunova (1778–1866) was a lady-in-waiting at the Russian Court and a convert to Roman Catholicism Mariya Takeuchi is a Japanese pop singer-songwriter Mariya Vasilieva is a doctor of Juridical Science and a professor at Moscow State University Mariya Ivanovna Vassiliéva (1884–1957) was a Russian Empire painter Mariya Vladimirovna Romanova is a Russian imperial family claimant Mariya Volkonskaya was an exiled Decembrist wife and the subject of works by Alexander Pushkin and Pyotr Fyodorovich Sokolov Mariya Voloshchenko is a Ukrainian Olympic diver Mariya Yakovenko is a Russian javelin thrower Mariya Yamada is a Japanese actress Mariya Nazarivna Yaremchuk is a Ukrainian pop singer and 2014 Eurovision Song Contest contestant Mariya Yudina (1899–1970) was an influential Soviet pianist Mariya Zankovetska (1860–1934) was a Ukrainian/Soviet theater actress and laureate of the People's Artist of Ukraine Mariya Yakovlevna Zerova (1902-1994), Ukrainian mycologist Mariya Zhukova (1805–1855) was a Russian writer Mariya Zubova (1749–1799) was a Russian composer and concert singer, known for her folksongs
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