Lost Library of Ivan the Terrible

The Lost Library of the Moscow Tsars, also known as the

The Lost Library of the Moscow Tsars, also known as the "Golden Library", is a library speculated to have been assembled by Grand Duke Ivan III of Russia in the sixteenth century. It is also known as the Library of Ivan IV who is credited with the disappearance of the library. The lost library is thought to contain rare Greek, Latin, and Egyptian works from the libraries of Constantinople and Alexandria, as well as second-century Chinese texts and manuscripts from Ivan IV's own era. The library has been historically located as being underneath the Kremlin, and has become a source of interest for researchers, archaeologists, treasure-hunters, and historical figures such as Emperor Peter the Great and Napoleon Bonaparte. Under Ivan IV's rule (1533-1584) tales of the library grew. Legends associated with the library include:The collection formed part of the dowry of Sophia Palaiologina, the second wife of Ivan III and a member of the last Byzantine imperial dynasty. Ivan IV cursed the library before his death, causing blindness to those that came close to locating the books. Ivan attempted to have scholars translate the ancient texts in order to gain knowledge of black magic.
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