I Need a Miracle (Tara McDonald song)

"I Need a Miracle" is a single released by British singer-songwriter Tara McDonald in 2016. It was chosen as the Europride anthem for 2016 remixed by Gregor Salto. The single charted at No. 83 in Portugal and No. 47 in France. It is a cover of the song originally recorded by Coco Star released on Green Light Recordings, which was re-released as a mashup/remix by Fragma called "Toca's Miracle". It was co-written by Rob Davis and Victor Imbres. McDonald's version of the song is produced in a tropical dance style and the BPM for this cover version is slower than the original. One line repeated often in this version is "I won't take nothing less than a deeper love", which McDonald felt was the message of the song she wanted to share.
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