Deadly Harvest (1977 film)

Deadly Harvest is a 1977 Canadian science-fiction

Deadly Harvest is a 1977 Canadian science-fiction "eco-thriller" film directed by Timothy Bond, about a farmer who struggles to keep food on the table and regain his son from a gang of marauding city-folk during a terrible worldwide famine, brought on by global cooling due to, among other named causes in a voice-over, overpopulation, urban sprawl, the energy crisis, pollution, and the high cost of transporting grain. The film was produced by Anthony Kramreither and Len Herberman, with a screenplay by Martin Lager, and features an unreleased score by John Mills-Cockell. The film is notable as Timothy Bond's first film, and as an early example of survivalism in film, having been compared to No Blade of Grass.
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