Chubb may refer to:Chubb (surname), a surname

Chubb may refer to:Chubb (surname), a surname (Timothy) "Chubb" O'Connor (1906–1986), Irish Fianna Fáil politician Chubb Rock, rapper (James Talbot) "Chubb" Vigne (1868–1955), South African international rugby union player Chubb illusion, an optical illusion dealing with visual perception Chubb Limited, the U.S. insurance company Chubb Locks, the British lock and security company Chubb Security, a British firm specialised in fire protection Chubb Crater, a meteor crater in Quebec Chubb, alternative spelling for Chub, a European river fish HMS Chub, or HMS Chubb, the name of three ships of the Royal Navy
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